2 examples for vnstat

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vnstat -l = live mode
vnstat -m = show months
vnstat -t = show top 10
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  vnstat -l = live mode, show current traffic
vnstat --live

vnstat -tr = shows average traffic, default is 5 seconds. Use a number to change the time. Like this: vnstat -tr 10 <-- this will display average traffic over last 10 seconds 
vnstat --traffic

vnstat -t = top 10
vnstat --top10

vnstat -h = show traffic for last 24 hours. 
vnstat --hours

vnstat -d = show last days
vnstat --days

vnstat -w = show traffic current & last week
vnstat --weeks

vnstat -m = show traffic last 12 months
vnstat --months

vnstat --cleartop = remove top 10 entries
vnstat -r = reset the stats
vnstat --reset

vnstat -i = show interfaces. vnstat --disable eth0 or vnstat --enable eth0 for en/dis-abling eth0

vnstat -ru = change rate unit. Use 0 for bytes and 1 for bits
vnstat --rateunit