# install bro now
$ gem install bropages

bro pages are a highly readable supplement to man pages
bro pages show concise, common-case examples for Unix commands


If you type...

$ bro curl

...then you get

2 entries for curl -- submit your own example with "bro add curl"

# get the contents of a web page
curl http://bropages.org

        bro thanks      to upvote (2)
        bro ...no       to downvote (0)


# send a header with curl
curl --header "X-MyHeader: 1" www.bropages.org

        bro thanks 2      to upvote (1)
        bro ...no 2       to downvote (0)

add an entry to bro

adding an entry is easy with the bro CLI!

bro add curl

typing bro add cmd will launch your system editor, allowing you to submit an entry

installing bro

The bro CLI is a Ruby Gem and can be installed as follows

gem install bropages

bro is meant to work out of the box for any machine running Ruby 1.8.7+

updating bro

we push code quite frequently, thus your bropages gem may get out of date occasionally. however, updating is easy, simply type:

gem update bropages


bro sources its entries from the community, bropages.org hosts all the entries
Entries can be voted up or down, and the best entries are what people see first when they use the bro command line interface
For example, here are the top entries on bropages.org:

Command Entry Votes
# lookup an entry for the command 'bro' with bro
bro bro
224   6
# Create a tar archive
tar -cf archive.tar file1 file2 ... fileN

# Create a tar gzipp'd archive
tar -zcf archive.tar.gz file1 file2 ... fileN

# Create multi-part tar archives from a directory
tar cf - /path/to/directory|split -b<max_size_of_part>M - archive.tar

# Extract all files from a tar archive
tar -xf archive.tar

# Extract all files from a tar gzipped archive
tar -zxf archive.tar.gz

# Extract one file from a tar archive
tar -xf archive.tar the_one_file

# Lists all files in a tar archive
tar -tf archive.tar
141   1
# Creates a soft link
ln -s /full/path/to/original/file /full/path/to/link

# Creates a hard link
ln /full/path/ln/original/file /full/path/to/link
122   0
# get the contents of a web page
curl http://bropages.org
98   5
# Case insensitive search through all of the files recusively starting from my current directory for the string "computesSum" but does not search binary files.  When a match is found, print the line number it was found.
grep -iIrn computesSum *
55   0

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