9 examples for screen

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  # list all screen sessions for current user
screen -ls

# list all screen sessions on current host
ls -laR /var/run/screen/
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  # Attaches to an already attached session
screen -d -r sessionIdOrName
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  # quit a screen session
screen -X -S screenName quit
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  # Execute command in background screen
screen -d -m top

# Show running screen session
screen -ls

# Output like: 
#  There is a screen on:
#	13472..

# Then connect to this screen session to see top is running
screen -r 13472
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  # Connect to any active screen, even if it already has connections from other terminals.
# This is useful if you forgot to detach from screen on a different computer. Everything is simply mirrored.  
screen -x
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  # Connect to a USB-to-Serial adapter for embedded systems (e.g. Raspberry Pi, Beagleboard, ...):
# (check the name of your chipset via "ls /dev/tty*" before and after attaching cable)
screen /dev/tty.usbserial 115200
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  # Allow scrolling (enter copy mode)

# Exit scrolling/copy mode

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  # Start a new screen session