5 examples for open

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  # Opens file or directory  using the specified application (OS X)
open myfile.pdf -a Safari
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  # Open a file using the same default application as Finder (OS X)
open myfile.pdf
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  Opens the specified file using the defined default software (OS X)
ex: open somefile
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  # Open the latest file named something like `report (123).xlsx` in /your/directory/ (OSX)
# Use sort to order the files numerically, starting at the `(` char.
# -t sets the separator
# -g to sort numerically
# -k to choose the column
# Use tail to only select the last result after the sort
# Feed all of the above to the open command as an expansion
open "$(find /your/directory/ -name 'report (*' | sort -t \( -g -k 2 | tail -1)";
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  # open the current command line path in a new Finder window (OSX)
open .