5 examples for less

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  # Opens up a file in a read-only editor. AFter launch, use F (Shift+f) to tail a running file.
less somefile.txt
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  # Open a file for reading:
less file.txt

# Open a file with ANSI color codes for reading.  Note you can also type '-r' or
# '-R' in the less window to do the same:
less -R file.txt
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  # Use 'less' as a better tail -F, to follow outup to files for eg. monitoring
# logs
less +f /var/log/apache
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  # This display the contents of a file and the name of the file
more foo bar | less
# This will look like:
# :::::::::::
# foo
# :::::::::::
# This is a test
# :::::::::::
# bar
# ::::::::::
# This is also a test
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  # Here's how to use less to search within a text file. It's handy for navigating man pages.
Typing 'man less' opens the man page for less inside the less pager by default.

Press the / key, type your keyword, and press enter/return to do a forward search through the man page.

Press the n key to find the next match.

Press the N key to find the previous match.