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  # RPM Package Manager
# install a package
rpm -Uvh package.rpm

# install a package that doesn't have needed dependencies (never do this)
rpm -Uvh --nodeps --force package.rpm

# List information about an installed package
rpm -qi package

# List information about a package file
rpm -qip package.rpm

# Remove a package
rpm -e package

# Remove a package without checking dependencies (never do this)
rpm -e --nodeps package

# Search for a package
rpm -qa |grep package

# Output package information based on package variables
rpm -q package --qf %{name}-%{version}%{arch}

# List known variables
rpm --showrc

# What packages does this package require
rpm -q package --requires

# What capabilities does this package provide
rpm -q package --provides

# What packages require this package/capability
rpm -q package --whatrequires

# Install package into another base directory
rpm --root /some/path -Uvh package.rpm

# Show the scripts (postun,preun,post,pre) in the package
rpm -q package --scripts

# Rebuild rpm database
rpm --rebuilddb